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The impact of Public Education Expenditure on human capital, growth, and poverty in Tanzania and Zambia: a general equilibrium approach /   / 2001

Perspectives on Educational Language Policy and its Implementation in African Classrooms:a comparative study of Botswana and Tanzania /  Arthur,Jo / October 1,2001

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere: a critical review of his contributions to adult education and postcolonialism /  Mulenga C. Derek / November 1,2001

Are Private Schools More Efficient Than Public Schools?Evidence from Tanzania /  Lassibille Gerard|Tan Jee-Peng / August 1,2001

Supporting Women Distance Learners in Tanzania /   Bhalalusesa, Eustella / 1-Jun-01

Sexual and reproductive health among primary and secondary school pupils in Mwanza, Tanzania: need for intervention /   Matasha,E.T|Ntembelea,P|Mayaud, W|Said,J|Todd,B|Tend-Wambua, L. Mujayal / 1998

Personal Communication Networks and the Effects of an Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in Tanzania /   Mohammed,Shaheed / 2001

Acceptability of voluntary HIV testing with counselling in a rural village in Kagera, Tanzania /  Killewo,J.Z|Kwesigabo,G|Comoro,C.J|Lugalla, F|Mhalu, S|Biberfelds, G|Sandstrom,A Wall / 1998

Entertainment-Education and HIV/AIDS Prevention: A Field Experiment in Tanzania /  . Vaughan,Peter W|. Rogers,Everett M| Singhal,Arvind|. Swalehe,Ramadhan M / 1-Jan-00

Knowledge, beliefs and behavior related to oral health among Tanzanian and Ugandan teacher trainees /   Nordrehaug +str°m,Anne / May 2000

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