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Process framework for the Marine and Costal Management Project
/ 2005


This environmental impact assessment for the Marine and Coastal Management Project (MACEMP) outlines a Process Framework (PF) for the Marine and Coastal Environment Management Project (MACEMP) in the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) discusses likely negative environmental impacts and proposes measures to mitigate them. MACEMP is proposed as a six-year project that will improve the management of coastal and marine resources, with a view to contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction in coastal communities. Possible negative < BR > impacts include: displacement; loss of habitual land and water uses; change to the quantity and/or quality of a resource a household can access; change in the seasonal access of the resource; change to the type of assets needed to access resources. Mitigation measures will be focused on identifying alternative livelihood opportunites. Also, as mitigation, affected groups will be offered alternative sources of funding and support for the development of alternative livelihood activities. Funding will be made available through the Coastal Village Fund. Other mitigating measures include: enhancing local crafts and trade activities; introducing mariculture activities such as seaweed harvesting, shellfish culture, fish cage aquaculture, or fish pond acquaculture

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