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Information Policy - A First Step for Information Technology Resource Commitment
Kyaruzi, John J.|Mgaya, Robson J. / 1996


Almost every sector in business, applied or social science, etc. is involved in one way or the other with the creation, distribution, processing and/or use of information. Information and information technology is becoming so important to the success of organizations that managers of all organizations now feel the responsibility for managing the use of information and information technology like other resources, such as people, capital, facilities etc. However lack of common vision for the role of information, information technology and information systems may result into disasters and frustration in many organizations. In this paper we investigate the impact of this problem of lack of information policy in organizations. The scope of our study was limited to the University of Dar es Salaam, which we believe, was a good representative for the analysis of the situation, in general, in developing countries. It is established that there are no clear strategies and policies at the University and, in Tanzania regarding information and information technology, thus underscoring the need to have one.

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